Top 3 Restaurants in Fort Meade

Dining at a military installation can sometimes remind people of their old school cafeteria, with its bland foods and sometimes questionable dishes. Most Military posts offer the same fast food restaurants, which can get old, and isn’t the healthiest option if you’re constantly on the go. Fortunately for visitors and residents, there are a variety of options both on base, and just outside of it that will delight any diner. These are our top three picks for dining in and around Fort Meade.

The Conference Center at Fort Meade – 6800 Taylor Ave

The Conference Center serves up an appetizing lunch each weekday from 11 AM until 1:30 PM, giving both civilians and employees on the base a relaxing way to catch up and fill up before powering through the rest of their day. The Center offers a buffet style lunch, with usual dishes such as hamburgers, and fries, but also serves up more filling items like ribs and fried chicken. The Conference Center is only open for lunch, but larger groups can reserve the center for special occasions or business meetings.

Taste of Aloha – 1405 Sulphur Spg Rd, Arbutus, MD

Located just outside of the Military installation limits, Taste of Aloha is a relatively new restaurant serving up the unique flavors of Hawaiian cuisine. The family owned and operated business serves authentic dishes, and some with a twist, including their burger and nacho entrees. Diners to this location say it reminds them of their own days in Hawaii, but new visitors may wonder what Hawaiian cuisine is. The dishes are made up of a combination of traditional asian, American, and even Portuguese recipes. In fact, one of the more loved recipe items is actually Spam! Main platters, such as teriyaki chicken and galbi short ribs, are served on special trays, with compartments for each side dish, which may remind some viewers of a cafeteria, but it’s to make sure your food stays separate, so each dish tastes as it should. For a new restaurant experience, be sure to take the short trip outside of Fort Meade to Taste of Aloha, the owners Robert and Amy Alcain, are waiting there to welcome you to paradise.

Royal Taj – 8335 Benson Drive, Columbia, MD

Just a short jaunt from Fort Meade is the Royal Taj, an Indian restaurant with full flavored dishes for any appetite. The location has become a popular favorite among locals, with even diners from Baltimore taking the drive out of the city to visit. While it may look like a fancy restaurant, the wait staff is warm and inviting, so no need to wear your nicest jacket. They offer a lunch buffet from 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM, so you can use this as the perfect time to explore the dishes and figure out what you like best. Diners here even notice the owner of the restaurant will often visit tables, making sure everything is up to par, and greeting diners at the door with a handshake. The gorgeous interior of the restaurant comes second to the impeccable, and authentic, Indian dishes served at Royal Taj.