Fort Meade, Maryland Today

Fort Meade, Maryland Today

Fort Meade has an extensive history dating back to World War I when it opened in 1917 to new Army recruits. Today it is home to Department of Defense civilian employees, their families, and military retirees. Fort Meade is located between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., ensuring a wide range of activities for families, but also the knowledge that something is always going on at Fort Meade.

For Department of Defense employees, or other military personnel, a variety of services are available at Fort Meade. From healthcare to employment, and even assistance with relocation, the facility can help you sort out any questions or inquiries you may have easily. The schools in the area are also helpful when it comes to questions about the educational opportunities available to your children. In short, Fort Meade is a one stop shop for many employees.

Today, Fort Meade likes to keep a busy schedule of activities for residents. Newcomers are treated to programs to familiarize themselves with the community, and fun activities for all members of the family are available year-round. Fort Meade community members like to make sure everyone feels welcome, so Black History Month and Women’s History Month are both celebrated, while holiday dinners and dances are planned so anyone can attend. Job fairs are held on site on a near monthly basis, giving those interested an insight into what’s available and how to gain employment in that particular field. If you’re looking for an easy way to commute to nearby cities to partake in the excitement there, public transportation options are also available.

Military Families often have different issues they may face, both good and bad, but Fort Meade is ready to handle them head on. Offering community events like family team-building, to help families tackle issues in a positive and constructive way, secure the bonds between military personnel and their loved ones. Volunteer opportunities are available as a way to give back to surrounding neighborhoods, and personnel are always available to help family members better balance their work and home life. Fort Meade also has a plethora of options for after-school care, and extracurricular activities for kids of all ages to engage in, including sports and the arts. If it’s you or your spouse that’s looking for a club, Fort Meade has clubs for those looking for someone to talk to who understands, or if you want to perfect your gardening.

Fort Meade isn’t just a military installment, it’s a complete community. Dining and shopping options are available, and with the close proximity to larger cities nearby, you’re options are virtually limitless. Head to Baltimore for some fresh caught seafood, or visit the hip Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C. to sport a new look to one of the Fort Meade community events.

Fort Meade strives to create a place where military employees and their families can really feel at home, no matter what they like to do. Moving somewhere new isn’t always easy, but with the helping hands at the facility, you’ll start feeling like you’ve been there for years.