A Trip from Fort Meade to San Antonio

So you’ve decided to road trip to San Antonio from Fort Meade, which is almost a 24 hour trip, so you’ve definitely got some planning to do. A road trip doesn’t have to be boring, and even if you don’t have too much wiggle room in your itinerary, there’s always time to take in an interesting sight, eat a great meal, or let loose with some night time entertainment. So before you hop in the car, go over this list and add some of the stops to your list to feel invigorated before heading back out onto the open road. When you arrive in San Antonio, you’ll want to visit downtown, the Riverwalk, some Hill Country wineries and the other sites. I would recommend you rent a limo or hummer limo in San Antonio and ride around in style. You have come this far and it is well worth the money, especially if you can get some friends together for a great time.

Where to Eat

  1. Mrs. Rowe’s Family Restaurant and Bakery – 74 Rowe Rd, Staunton, Virginia

For lunch, Rowe’s is a perfect spot to unwind and take a break. Mrs. Rowe cooks homestyle dishes and the wait staff hopes to make you feel like a welcomed guest in their own home. Here you’ll find comfort foods that will rejuvenate your spirit and fill your bellies, but don’t forget to tuck into some appetizing desserts, as most diners say that’s the best part.

  1. Tupelo Honey Cafe – 1 Market Square, Knoxville, Tennessee

For southern food with a contemporary twist, dinner at Tupelo Honey is not to be missed. Visitors here always order their famous biscuits, even if it’s just to eat later. With superb service and interesting platters, your road trip will get some life back into it, even if you’re feeling particularly drained. Tupelo Honey is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so anytime is a great time to stop in.

  1. Flying Fish – 511 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, Arkansas

This laid back restaurant is a perfect way to wind down your trip and have you ready to enter the great state of Texas. Their fish tacos, oysters, and humble po boy sandwiches are a great retreat when traffic becomes too much to handle.

Where to Stop

  1. Foamhenge – 5856 S. Lee Highway, Natural Bridge, Virginia

Yes, it’s a foam version of Stonehenge and though it may seem strange, it’s an interesting way to break up your road trip. Foamhenge began as an April Fools joke in 2004, but the overwhelming public response has ensured its place on many a road trippers itineraries.

  1. Bluebird Cafe – 4104 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is often seen as a music lover’s delight, and the Bluebird Cafe gives fans a peek into the lively music scene in a quaint and intimate venue. The venue fills up quickly, so make sure to get there early if possible.

  1. Covert Park at Mount Bonnell – 3800 Mount Bonnell Road, Austin, Texas

Before you get into San Antonio, stop at this scenic park and relax. There is a stairway that brings you to the best view in the park, and it has picnic tables at the top so you don’t have to eat in your car. Not only do you get a picturesque view of the lake, but also of the city skyline of Austin. You may be eager to end your road trip, but take some time to unwind before the hustle and bustle of your trip begins, here at Covert Park.